Me: For Starters … & The Deal with the Pictures

This being my first few posts, I find it hard pressed that the masses ‘ll find this humble blog and actually read it. But I thought it would be a good idea that I start with a relatively lengthy post about who I am, which is pretty contradictory since my opening sentences characterize this place as ‘humble’. Please deal with me. All discrepancies aside, it is for a purpose in understanding where I’m coming from when it comes to posting. I hate making people refer to previously stated things just to get a sense of who I am (aka this post), so I’ll try my best in future posts to always let readers know where I am.

So… the pictures. You’ll see in my ‘Capturing Me’ section, I make a denial about being a photographer. Seeing people buy expensive cameras and taking pictures of door knobs and calling it ‘art’ or ‘photography’ annoys me. So in an attempt to avoid hypocrisy, I boldly claim: I am no photographer. Do not believe that I can answer any questions about how to improve a picture beyond basic angles and lighting skills or if I can judge which is a better camera to purchase over another. I will simply tell you to buy whatever is on sale.

Regardless, pictures fascinate me and I do see them as an art of capturing a split moment in time. It’s one of the few ways to preserve seconds of time forever, aside from video clips and arguably imagery in writing. But pictures allow you to create a story from scratch that will be eternally visual and tangible.

Thus, transition into my spiritual life. I’ll definitely be diving into this topic with more detail in future posts, but for now, it’s safe to say I like trying to lead a spiritual life. I’m a firm believer in God and everything I’ve ever internalized has its roots back to my own conception of a higher being as an all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful entity. It is through this entity that I’ve seen glimpses of true beauty and true ugliness of this life. I’ve learned to trust in this thing that I can’t see or feel or hear and arguments aside, this is for my own good.

Everything happens for a reason, is what I’m trying to say. Relating  this concept to art, my idea of God allows for him an infinite number of ways to create universe in the best possible way the same way an artist creates his or her art work to the best of abilities. Photography being the one outlet of art that I can see myself eventually excelling in, I see God as a role model in knowing the exact angles, lighting, moments in time, etc. that allows him to capture those moments that consequently impact others.

It is through my pictures that I am able to tell a story. It is through these sorts stories that connect me with other people. So that’s where I am with that whole ordeal. Though I agree that it’d be appropriate to tell a concrete story behind the picture of myself below, I think for now, this ‘ll do.



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