Couple on the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 10.45.33 PM

This is a more recent photo that has made it to my top favorites. I pretentiously put it in black and white and used the sun’s light to my advantage (I think?).

The only story that I have behind this picture is that I don’t really have one. After I took the shot, I experienced the moral dilemma of whether or not my actions were, for lack of better words, creepy. I also tend to have stranger anxiety. Essentially, I didn’t talk to them. I admit, I probably invaded 5,436 (precisely) privacy issues in this situation. But for disclaimer purposes – which I feel the need to do many times – there were no ill intentions with taking this picture. I simply saw a beautiful man and woman enjoying the view on the Ocean City Pier and had to capture the moment.

So there is no story, but a mere image that leaves people wishing there was one. Maybe it’s a typical love story that began years ago on the same beach. Maybe they’re here for the first time with their grandchildren. Or maybe they actually experienced something sad and the view and each other were their only remedy. Who knows?

Regardless, this picture does have its own story even though I couldn’t tell what it is exactly. I’ll do my best to provide those sorts of stories behind the pictures I post in the future.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone, especially to those who have served and continue to serve for America. God bless.


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