Why I Write On Days I Don’t Feel Like Writing

Probably one of the best ThoughtCatalogs I’ve ever read.
What’s your reason?

Thought Catalog

Because I didn’t know why I was so mad that night until my fingers hit the keyboard the next morning and the words crawled through my fingertips. Because the ring she buried in the palm of my hand was three-years heavy. Because I almost got married and need to know how. Because saying, “I’m sorry,” out loud sounded cheap. Because seventh grade was awkward for us all. Because I want to know which stories are important. Because my mind would get too cluttered otherwise. Because it makes me a more honest person.

Because they said if I shared my story I’d lose my job. Because I had to share it anyway. Because he called in December to tell me gay people don’t belong. Because that’s called injustice. Because I was afraid of myself for so many years and I’m not anymore and that matters a hell of a lot. Because…

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