My Friend Andre

I best explain my transition through life through the relationships that I have maintained throughout. I think it’s appropriate that I start with Andre. The things to say about this kid..

We know each other through a Christian youth organization which was called CFC-Youth at the time (Now it’s called Youth for Life due to some political issues, but that’s a different story). There was a minimal amount of time between Andre joining CFC-Youth and when we became very good friends. Andre picked up480910_10152875796355858_1314360953_n the guitar like a leaf in the wind and was aptly anointed head of the music ministry in our humble chapter of South Jersey. As I was one of the heads of the entire chapter, we worked closely together organizing, planning, and coordinating events and meetings for our chapter.

It was through this process that I discovered many of Andre’s special features that are hard to find in other people. He is introverted, though enjoys talking to people. He is witty, yet humble, and is always willing to listen. He is hardworking and persistent and fails to acknowledge any obstacles he may encounter as significant enough to cease his goals. He is honest and has no fear in correcting situations that don’t seem right to him. Yet, he does so in a healthy method and leaves people truly appreciating his style of amending.

The essence of our friendship was established during the “angsty” years of high school, which admittedly is when many close friendships form. Though what makes us unique is that our typical teenage trepidation was coupled with the conception of seeking what was best for our shared belief in God and our love for the community of CFC-Youth. Whether it was sharing the joy of experiencing various youth events, straight up whining and complaining about the logistics and personhood of our chapter, or sharing things about ourselves that only we understood, I think it’s safe to say that Andre and I indeed bonded through the will of God and how we used each other to  improve our roles as leaders.

But this was all in high school, which looking back on it for me now, seems like light years ago. I attend school at a Catholic university, though I feel my relationship with God and beliefs on spirituality have altered me into a new person. I no longer hold such a stringent belief in many of the things I learned through CFC-Youth anymore in terms of who God is and how to lead a spiritual and faithful life. Truthfully, I would hope that Andre has gone through a similar process too, as we both are confident in saying we no longer have direct relations with our beloved youth community. Regardless of the different lifestyles we both now lead, my relationship with him is a reminder of where I started in CFC-Youth. Andre is a piece of home that I will always return to with a sense of gratitude and peace. This picture was taken during one of those return homes for a ‘LinkdIn Photoshoot’ since we both are in that stage of building a healthy network of professionals. It’s as if we know that we are progressing through life, still with the aid of each other.

Andre is currently a student at University of Pennsylvania pursuing a career in nursing and further providing evidence that it is the unique and weird ones that are truly intelligent. Though I have already stated that we live very different lives, it’s always nice to know that he is still a 10 minute train ride away and continue to share the understanding of growing as a person with each other. Years after we have become wonderful friends, I still say that he is an integral person in knowing throughout people’s lifetime. Hit him up on Facebook. He can literally talk about anything.


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