This is a giraffe at the Philadelphia Zoo. I wish I remembered the name.

Giraffes are pretty awkward. Maybe I’m saying that because of the character from the Madagascar movies. But I mean, just look at this one. Long neck. Long leg. Weird antler type things.

I went to the zoo with SJU’s Psy Chi International Honor Society. I was pretty stoked about the trip since the last time I went to the Philadelphia Zoo was in first grade. I walked around with the group, gawking at the animals, actually reading those description signs, feeling bad about some of the animals insufficiently spaced cages – you know the normal things a college kid does at the zoo (What? No bar at the zoo? What kind of place is this?). Towards the end, we came across the giraffes. I couldn’t get enough of them. They’re just so funny.


I watched this giraffe desperately try to eat some leaves that were specially stored in this cage. He (she?) eventually gave up and instead opted for the grass. But seeing that his neck was too long, he had to adapt. He spread his legs at a more appropriate distance so that he can essentially ‘Jersey turnpike’ so that he could eat. I died laughing.

I have a thing for animals. They’re pretty easy to identify with.


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