Holy Hell

So it’s been a while since I last posted – almost 3 years to be exact. Since then, I graduated from Saint Joseph’s University. I completed my first 2 years of graduate school in Speech-Language Pathology. I made friends, lost friends, dated my first boyfriend, and got dumped by my first boyfriend. I almost regret losing track of this WordPress because summarizing the roller coaster of emotions over the past 3 years in one sitting seems near impossible. “It was hard”, “I wouldn’t do it again” and “I want to regret so much” are all I want to say, but I know deep down that I wouldn’t be the person I will become had many of these experiences not occur. I am a better clinician, a healthier friend, and a more curious and impassioned pupil of love in the many ways it takes its form (that sounds very odd, but it makes sense to me. Deal). Echoing some of my earlier posts, “it all happened for a reason” (reference to God, reference to being thankful to walk through my version of hell, reference to other cliche thoughts)…

This summer, I am home completing my extern requirement for my graduate program at a local elementary school. I am learning a lot and falling in love with the field that I chose as a career. Besides feeling more comfortable with my professional career, though, being home has given me the first time I have experienced appropriate reflection time in a very long while. I hope to use this time to keep up with the events of my life because as I read my previous posts, I was reminded of the odd yet exhilarating feeling of posting something public but not widely known. And as I said in the initial posts, I’ll try my best to associate each photo I show with it’s unique story. There will be simple pictures, new pictures, old pictures, and not-so-concrete ones as well. Maybe I’ll make up my own narratives or ask someone the people pictured to help out. Who knows?

For now, this one here is a picture of some of my closest college friends from Saint Joe’s (aka “The Cult”). I thought itFullSizeRender~2 appropriate based on what I wanted this post to focus on – the growth. Many things have changed over 3 years, but my belief that my growth largely depends on the relationships I maintain still holds strong. The people in this picture have stuck by me and gave me the best memories of my college career – whether it was studying, raging in Manayunk, and/or just breathing the same air. Post graduation dynamics were interesting, for the most part, but I am still thankful to have friends to share the ups and downs with. I am so grateful to still simple opportunities to still meet in our beloved city of Philadelphia and enjoy each other’s company. This past Memorial Day Weekend, we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend Cassie. Three years has changed us a lot – some of us are working professionals, some of us are still studying to be professionals, and yet all of us are still in love with our youth. I am so thankful for people like these and they will never know how much I really love them.


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