Holy Hell

So it’s been a while since I last posted – almost 3 years to be exact. Since then, I graduated from Saint Joseph’s University. I completed my first 2 years of graduate school in Speech-Language Pathology. I made friends, lost friends, dated my first boyfriend, and got dumped by my first boyfriend. I almost regret […]


This is a giraffe at the Philadelphia Zoo. I wish I remembered the name. Giraffes are pretty awkward. Maybe I’m saying that because of the character from the Madagascar movies. But I mean, just look at this one. Long neck. Long leg. Weird antler type things. I went to the zoo with SJU’s Psy Chi […]

Lover of Many Things: Dogs

Last May 26th, the late Growly would have turned 15 human years old. Over the past week or so, for some reason it’s been harder to live with knowing that she is no longer with me than it has been over the past six months. She was an old girl who lived a good life […]

Photography 101: Introduction & Philosophy

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
As recently mentioned, we’re excited to present a series devoted to photography and visual storytelling. We’ve rounded up talented photographers in our community to introduce the essentials, as well as their tips and tricks. Our community is made up of all levels of bloggers and photographers: some Daily Post…

My Friend Andre

I best explain my transition through life through the relationships that I have maintained throughout. I think it’s appropriate that I start with Andre. The things to say about this kid.. We know each other through a Christian youth organization which was called CFC-Youth at the time (Now it’s called Youth for Life due to […]

Couple on the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk

This is a more recent photo that has made it to my top favorites. I pretentiously put it in black and white and used the sun’s light to my advantage (I think?). The only story that I have behind this picture is that I don’t really have one. After I took the shot, I experienced […]