Capturing Me

Let’s make the basics short and sweet, like my physical and personable stature. This is information that you probably wouldn’t be able to get just by reading what I post. For starters, I go by Nikki. I’m 21 years old. I grew up in South Jersey but I’m now going to school at St. Joseph’s University (Go Hawks!) in Philadelphia. I’m also the first person in my family to be born in America. The rest of my family has dual citizenship both in the states and the Philippines  which make for a lot of stories growing up. The ‘makesyousay’ name came about when I cleverly changed my middle name on Facebook to it since my last name is Uy (pronounced like it is spelled, with emphasis on what it would sound like if you got punched in the stomach). The name leaked itself into verbal conversations as my friends began to refer to me as ‘MakesYouSay’ and thus stuck.

Disclaimer: I don’t call myself a photographer. Added on to the fact that I wouldn’t know how to tell you the exact procedure to taking a good picture, the term seems to have evolved with some sort of pretentiousness attached to it. Instead, I tend to hold a camera occasionally and press the button. Miraculously, sometimes, I captured a good moment in time with a good angle to go with it.

I also don’t call myself a reporter. The thought of asking people questions about their life just so I can exploit them later for my own blog is a foreign concept to me. Though, I do enjoy telling a story behind a picture and letting people realize that even small moments of their life are significant.

I do call myself a life enthusiast, though I don’t know how to define that for you. Regardless, it’s the purpose of why I wanted to start documenting my life through pictures and the people and things I encounter. There’ll be pictures of my family, my friends, my pets, and even strangers. There’ll be new pictures and there’ll be old ones because I believe every picture has a story. To quote the opening disclaimer of the beloved series Laguna Beach, “The locations, the people, and the drama are real.”


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